Apr. 14th, 2017

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I have been publishing a lot lately on various things, so here's some of it:

Four Poems by myself at Unlikely Stories

Toward Building Tomorrow: Expertise and Dual Power by myself at the Red Party Website

A Poem Published at Panoply Magazine

My review of Michael Palmer's Laughter of the Sphinx and interview with Rachel Price on Planet/Cuba at Hong Kong Review of Books.

My interviews with Danny Anderson about his Sectarian Review Podcast and Michial Farmer on John Updike, three book reviews, and some re-printing of poems I published at the beginning of the decade are available right now at Former People.

Here are some podcasts and youtube things I have been on despite VERY questionable internet quality in Egypt:

Former People Youtube Page on Joan Didion

I talk on the Zero Squared podcast all the time on the members section, but my recent open contribution was an Anti-fascism and Gilles Dauve

Zero Books is also releasing my relaunched personal philosophy podcast, Symptomatic Redness.  The archives of the old show are free on Mixcloud

I have also been on From Alpha to Omega to debate the difference between Marxism and MMT. 

I showed up on the Christian Humanist Network as one of the few non-Christian guests on the Sectarian Review podcasts. 

LJ gone

Apr. 14th, 2017 10:10 am
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I have had an LJ of some sort since 2001. I have had sravakavarn since 2009, but I have been winegodeatsyou, thesandsabrase, and some other names. It felt very strange to delete it all. But I no longer have an LJ presence. I am entirely here on dreamwidth, which I like better anyway, honestly. If I am going to go retro, I like a service that feels like LJ when I liked it the most.

The porting is finished. 'Tis done.

The Koreas

Apr. 14th, 2017 05:50 pm
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It is funny how much calmer (South) Koreans are about this recent dust-storm than Americans who seem to think this is the same as launching cold war nukes already. That said, this does feel a bit more serious than normal. I lived through tensions between DPRK and ROK rising just outside of Seoul. Americans freaked out, Koreans only got tense during the Yongpyang Island shelling. Anyway, Mr. President does seem a bout more loose cannon than normal, but even he has tried to calm talk of pre-emptive strike. The NYT has a good article on it, and China's complicated towing the line recently. 

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